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International Relations Office

The primary goal of the International Relations Office at Urmia University is to foster, develop and coordinate the international activities of the staff and students of the university. This includes offering support and feedback to the management body of the university on all issues on the internationalization of Urmia University.

Key tasks of the office include:

implementing the strategic plan on internationalization as it affects staff and students;

preparing and evaluating agreements with international partner universities;

promoting the image of the university in international events;

updating target countries, communities and prospective foreign students on studying at Urmia University;

offering admission, visa, and counseling services to international students

administering and promoting international programs such as Erasmus + ;

administering and promoting staff and student mobility programs;

providing information to students and staff on international opportunities.

Contacts with international organizations, embassies, and partner universities are also an essential task of the office. 



Shiva Pashapour
administrative staff of International Relation's Office
Majid Abbasalizadeh, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Director of International Relations Office

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